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Menswear With Tiger | Street Etiquette

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi form the duo Street Etiquette, an entity that sets to showcase style from perspectives that are cultural and historical yet still urban. A project of theirs aptly titled The Black Ivy explored fashion in this cultural and historical context and inspired the college-prep trend that is still visible on the streets. Their extensive traveling has allowed them to effectively produce a founded opinion on menswear and fashion. Vogue Italia hailed the two as single-handedly changing the world’s perception of urban street wear. Both with a very dapper outlook on style, the two have very deep interests in vintage clothing. Their most recent project, Slumflower, is a photo editorial and short film. It looks at tailored silhouettes for men, but more specifically the men from the more urban areas of New York City. The duo aims to discuss social and cultural constructs through the use of clothing and photography. For them, it is not only about fashion, but the types of messages we are able to convey through it.

 Tiger Maremela